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We have only ridden in Kansas twice so far. My first thought of ridding a mountain bike in Kansas was not one of excitement. I pictured us riding over flat to rolling terrain in the middle of a prairie somewhere, I was in for a nice surprise. The trails we did had no long sustained climbs but that was about all they were lacking. We did ride through some prairie but it was far from being flat and rolling. Both trails was a blast to ride, one placed more emphases on fast and flowing the other was more rough and technical. So if a friend asks you to go on a mountain bike ride in Kansas don’t blow it off, you might be surprised.

Please be aware that this information is not current nor is it updated. Trails change over time so please check with the locals before going out to a trail.


Ride City Length Type Skill
Camp Horizon Ride 2012 Arkansas City 3.5 miles Loop Intermediate
Switchgrass Ride 2012 Russell 22 miles Loop Beginner