While Illinois might not be the first US state that comes to mind when thinking of mountain biking, the riders who live there are passionate about their trails. Illinois is located within a region of the USA known as the interior plains, but that doesn’t mean the state is pancake flat. Nearly 1,000 feet of elevation separate the state’s low point from its high point. Mountain biking may seem like a tough activity when there are no mountains to be found, but Illinois has several options that are surprisingly solid. And if you’re willing to throw the bikes on the car and drive to Wisconsin or Michigan, the options become downright impressive.

Please be aware that this information is not current nor is it updated. Trails change over time so please check with the locals before going out to a trail.


Ride City Length Type Skill
Fay Pickering Ride 2017 Marshall 6 miles Loop Intermediate
Palos Ride 2017 Chicago 8 miles Loop Beginner