The Ouachita Tour of Trails is a ride / list of must do trails in the Ouachita's. We normally ride these once a year in a little ride we call OTOT (O TOT). We normally try and do these around mid-March time frame usually to coincide with Spring Break at most schools. The ride is normally a four day event and we try and get in one sometimes two trails a day. On the longer trails we normally just pick a spot where we want to ride and then go ride for a few hours. The OTOT is a leisure ride and its purpose is to enjoy some of the lesser ridden trails in the Ouachita's and to enjoy one or two of more popular trails. If you would like to join us on our ride please feel free to contact us. I have placed the above OTOT logo on trails that are part of the tour. I have also listed all the OTOT trails below, in case you want to do your own OTOT.


2017 Trails listed in order to complete them.

Brush Heap Loop

Big Brushy Area Out and Back

Womble Hwy 88 to Ouachita Trail Out and Back

Cedar Glades Loop


Past OTOT's


Athens Big Fork

Ouachita Trail Hwy 27

Lake Ouachita Vista Crystal Springs

Little Blakely



Iron Mountain Loop

Little Missouri Out and Back

Earthquake Ridge Loop

Ouachita Trail Foran Gap Loop



Charlton Out and Back

LOViT Denby to Joplin Loop

Viles Branch/Shady Lake

Little Missouri Out and Back



Womble North Fork Lake to Hwy 27 Shuttle

Ouachita Trail Hwy 27  Out and Back

Ouachita Trail Hwy 298 Out and Back

Ouachita Trail Hwy 71 Out and Back



Rich Mountain Trail / Earthquake Ridge

Ouachita Trail Hwy 270 Out and Back

Athens Big Fork Out and Back



Cedar Glades

Little Blakely




Big Brushy



Earthqauke Ridge

Brushheap Loop

Ouachita Trail Hwy 7

Ouachita Trail Hwy 298

Ouachita Trail 27