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6 Miles Loop System 2.6 Total Climbing Miles  515' Max 5.0% Avg Grade
13 Climb Index 95% Singletrack 2.7 Total Descending Miles 430' Min 31.6% Max Grade

Overview: So I wasn't really expecting anything spectacular out of this trail, I guess because it's on a Boy Scout camp grounds, I have since changed my mind. The folks who are building this trail are doing a really good job, I got the chance to speak with two of them while we were out there and I was told that they are pushing for 10 miles of trail.

The trail starts off right next to the Mountain Bike Trail Registration sign, crosses a dirt road and then meanders through the woods a bit before crossing the same dirt road again. After going by a white building it sends you down a short hill and dumps you off on the dirt road just near the swimming pool. Hang a right onto the dirt road and head up the hill and you will pick the trail up again on the left. The trail uses this same dirt road a few times to tie the different trail segments together, this is kind of nice because if you needed a bail out point this trail is loaded with them.

Parts of this trail is kind of like a small roller coaster ride with lots of ups and down and turns, other parts are twisty but the terrain remains pretty mild. There are a few small climbs out there some of which are rather steep and will put some riders off their bikes, there are no big sustained climbs on this trail. Some of the descents are just as steep as the climbs and those two may have some of the less experienced riders getting off their bikes. The trail has good flow to it so there is not a lot of scrubbing speed only to have to build it back up again, it is however tight and twisty in places. The terrain has some rolling little hills on it and the builders have done a good job of adding these to the trail to make some nice little whoopee do's. The technical aspect of this trail not real bad, there are a few little places out there that require some good bike handling skills, I can recall one hill in particular just after you cross the dam and go up to the camp ground, steep and rocky. They have placed a few little jumps out there as well in case you like leaving planet earth occasionally. The scenery of the area is nice and exceptional over near the little lake and the big bridge, worth a snap or two of the camera. The soil is made up of mostly hard pack with lots of loose rock, there are a few places where the soil seemed to almost be of a sandy substance and some of the corners are nothing but lots of loose rocks that can make you lose traction real fast. Signage of the trail was not that great, there are few times we were not real sure on which way to go. For the most part they have marked the trail with red arrows showing you where you should turn. The places we got confused at was just after the descent down to the swimming pool, and after coming back up into the camp ground after crossing the dam and it seems like there was one more place. Luckily for us the guys who we talked to were ridding just a little bit ahead of us so we were able to follow their bike tracks. Maybe they will put blazes on the trees which I think would fix this problem right up, maybe a well-drawn map would help out as well. Overall it is a fun fast, flowy trail that requires just a little bit of work, the trail is well maintained and receives a generous portion of TLC. If they ever get it up to 10 miles I think I would go back just to ride it but at six miles, I don't think I would make a special trip for it. If you happen to be going near the Texarkana area this is a must do trail. If you are coming from Texas or Louisiana this would be a great trail to kick off your Arkansas Mountain Bike trip.

Recommended Route: Ride in a counter clockwise direction.

Rating: I rate this trail for all skill levels, novices might have to walk some of the hills and tight sections.

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Minimum Skill Level











Texarkana, AR



MAX 49°F, MIN 42°F
0km/h ENE



MAX 65°F

MIN 48°F


MAX 70°F

MIN 51°F


MAX 59°F

MIN 47°F

Arkansas Trail Rules

Ride Open Trails: Respect trail and road closures — ask a land manager for clarification if you are uncertain about the status of a trail.

Leave No Trace: Be sensitive to the dirt beneath you. Wet and muddy trails are more vulnerable to damage than dry ones. Don't cut switchbacks. Be sure to pack out at least as much as you pack in.

Control Your Bicycle: Inattention for even a moment could put yourself and others at risk. Obey all bicycle speed regulations and recommendations, and ride within your limits.

Yield Appropriately: Riders yeild to foot and horse traffic. Riders traveling downhill should yeild to ones headed uphill, unless signed for oneway or downhill traffic only.

Never Scare Animals: Animals are easily startled by an unannounced approach, a sudden movement or a loud noise. Give animals enough room and time to adjust to you.

Plan Ahead: Know your equipment, your ability and the area in which you are riding and prepare accordingly. Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear.