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17 Miles Loop System 6.3 Total Climbing Miles  988 Max 6.9% Avg Grade
43.47 Climb Index 90% Singletrack 6.1 Total Descending Miles 610 Min 31.4% Max Grade

Overview: Little Blakely is one of those trails that makes you feel like you have accomplished something when you are done. It is mostly single track with a little bit of double track, there are 5 loops to this trail. The South Loop is about 5 miles long, starting out on this loop you can expect to hit a few little climbs. The technical stuff starts on the way back as the trail meanders in and out of cove's following the lake. The trail is narrow and steep at points with roots, rocks and switchbacks to test your skill. Try not to lose it at this point because the trail runs along the edge of the hill and if you fall off your going to roll for a while. This is my favorite loop out there but it is very demanding. The North Loop is about 3.9 miles long and is considered the advanced loop because of the rocky conditions but it can be ridden. Morgan Hollow Loop is the place to get you warmed up, it has a couple of good climbs and some rock gardens to work your balance on, and this loop is about 4.5 miles long. The Glades Loop is a pretty forgiving ride you shouldn't have much problem here. There are a couple of climbs but nothing that is painful, it can be a little rocky in spots but other than that it's not too bad. Rocky Ridge Loop is a hike-a-bike loop not too much of it can be ridden, very rocky and overgrown. We tried it once and we spent more time trying to find the trail then ridding it, my suggestion is to skip this one. By the way this trail is out in the boonies, many people have compared it to the movie "Deliverance". If you are going to be ridding this trail alone I would suggest you let someone know where you are going, a broken leg would not be a good thing on this trail if you are all alone. It could be awhile before another human being comes along, a long while.

Recommended Route: Start on the South Loop going counter clockwise take it to the K marker and turn right. When you arrive at the J marker turn right again and do the North Loop. When you come to the H marker head straight and do Morgan Hollow Loop. Once at the G marker turn right and get on the Glades Loop and follow it to the F marker and then turn right. Don't go down Rocky Ridge Loop continue on to marker C and get on the South loop again. Follow this loop to the B marker and hang a right and then follow it on back to the parking area.

Rating: Morgan Hollow and Glades Loop are not too bad for a beginning rider. The North Loop is for riders with better handling skills as is the south part of the South Loop. I would not bring a novice rider to this trail. The climbs are not really that bad but the technicality of this trail requires some good handling skills. Most advanced, intermediates and advanced beginners are going to like this trail if they enjoy technical trails.

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Hot Springs Natl Park, AR

Partly Cloudy


MAX 40°F, MIN 29°F
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Arkansas Trail Rules

Ride Open Trails: Respect trail and road closures — ask a land manager for clarification if you are uncertain about the status of a trail.

Leave No Trace: Be sensitive to the dirt beneath you. Wet and muddy trails are more vulnerable to damage than dry ones. Don't cut switchbacks. Be sure to pack out at least as much as you pack in.

Control Your Bicycle: Inattention for even a moment could put yourself and others at risk. Obey all bicycle speed regulations and recommendations, and ride within your limits.

Yield Appropriately: Riders yeild to foot and horse traffic. Riders traveling downhill should yeild to ones headed uphill, unless signed for oneway or downhill traffic only.

Never Scare Animals: Animals are easily startled by an unannounced approach, a sudden movement or a loud noise. Give animals enough room and time to adjust to you.

Plan Ahead: Know your equipment, your ability and the area in which you are riding and prepare accordingly. Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear.