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31 Miles Out & Back System N/A Total Climbing Miles  N/A Max N/A Avg Grade
N/A Climb Index 0% Singletrack N/A Total Descending Miles N/A Min N/A Max Grade

Overview: This is an ATV trail so if you go out there keep an eye open. The trail runs from Daisy State Park to Laurel Public Use Area and all of it is ATV trail and old roads. We have only ridden on the section from Daisy to Kirby Landing about 5 miles. A local ATV rider said that there is about 31 miles of ATV trail between Daisy and Laurel and that the section between Kirby and Bear Creek campgrounds is fairly easy compared to the trail between Kirby and Daisy and Bear Creek and Laurel, he said there is a lot of rugged uphill and downhills, stream crossings. The section we rode was mostly double track, lots of loose rocks and a couple of the climbs were a little steep but short. Some of the descents can be a little hairy because of the steepness, rocks, ruts and occasional roots. There are areas of sand out there that will yank the handle bars out of your hands.

Recommended Route: Start at Daisy State Park and head for Laurel.

Rating: This is a trail geared for the person who wants to try something different. Going by the section we rode and what the ATV rider told us I would have to rate this for the intermediate to advanced rider. Good technical skills will be needed in many places.

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Minimum Skill Level











Trail City Length Skill
Athens Big Fork Glenwood 9.5 miles Int
Brush Heap Loop Glenwood 16.5 miles Int
Charlton Mount Ida 4 miles Beg
Eagle Rock Loop Glenwood 24 miles Int
Iron Mountain Arkadelphia 21.5 miles Beg
Lake Ouachita Vista Mount Ida 36.5 miles Int
Little Missouri Glenwood 16 miles Int
Shady Lake Mena 3.5 miles Int
Viles Branch Glenwood 13.5 miles Int
Womble Mount Ida 35 miles Int

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Arkansas Trail Rules

Ride Open Trails: Respect trail and road closures — ask a land manager for clarification if you are uncertain about the status of a trail.

Leave No Trace: Be sensitive to the dirt beneath you. Wet and muddy trails are more vulnerable to damage than dry ones. Don't cut switchbacks. Be sure to pack out at least as much as you pack in.

Control Your Bicycle: Inattention for even a moment could put yourself and others at risk. Obey all bicycle speed regulations and recommendations, and ride within your limits.

Yield Appropriately: Riders yeild to foot and horse traffic. Riders traveling downhill should yeild to ones headed uphill, unless signed for oneway or downhill traffic only.

Never Scare Animals: Animals are easily startled by an unannounced approach, a sudden movement or a loud noise. Give animals enough room and time to adjust to you.

Plan Ahead: Know your equipment, your ability and the area in which you are riding and prepare accordingly. Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear.