I created Mountain Bike Arkansas back in the summer of 2000. I had just moved back to Arkansas after being gone for about 12 years and I was looking for places to ride. I found various trail information on the web but nothing with all the information I was looking for. Mountain Bike Arkansas has really evolved since then and we continue to try and get as much information on the trails as we can. I try to cater for the out of state rider more than the in-state local rider because I know what it is like to try and put a mountain bike road trip together. 

Featured Trail: Each month I will try and put one of the Arkansas trails up as a featured trail. By clicking on the featured trail photo it will take you to the trails information page.

Arkansas Trailheads Map: This Google map will show you the trailheads located in throughout the state. By clicking on the red icon it will display a link that will take you to the trail information page.

Arkansas Trail List: This is the current list of Arkansas trails. The table can be sorted by any one of the header columns by clicking on the column heading, you can also filter your search of the list by using the search box located in the upper right corner of the list. All the header columns should be self explanatory. 

Explore Our Trails: You can also get to a list of trails by region if you click on the Explore Our Trails menu item.

Other Rides:

Gravel Grinders: A few forest and dirt roads we have ridden.

Road Routes: In case you have the urge for some paved miles.

Out of State Trails: is a section I added some years ago. At first I was not sure if it really belonged on a website that was about trails in Arkansas but after much deliberation I decided to add it.  I did this mostly because of the same reason I created the web site in the first place. Each year we do a mountain bike road trip and I spend countless hours searching for trail information I just figured if the information I have already collected can be of use to someone else then it should be on the website. Please be aware that the Out of State trails listed on this website is information that is not maintained. Some of these trails we have only ridden once so I cannot vouch for the current conditions the trails maybe in or if there are other issues going on. We have added organization links for these trails that will give you much better information on the current status of these trails.

Bike Shops: This option gives a list of Bike Shops in various Arkansas areas. These Bike Shops are super friendly and are always willing to help out, be it servicing your bike, needed parts or just information on the local area and trails.

Bike Clubs: I have listed some of the local mountain bike clubs here in the state", not that you have to join but most club websites have a contact email address and are a great source to glean information from.

Helpful Links: This is a collection of links of various organizations and groups around the state that are mountain bike related and are another good source to get information from.

Contact: Use this option if you want to contact us for any reason. If you are just wanting information on trails or on an area then let us know and if we can't answer it we will find someone who can. We love to ride mountain bikes so if you are just wanting someone to ride with then contact us and let us know what you got planned", if we can't ride we will try and find someone who can.

Facebook and YouTube: In the upper right corner you will see the Facebook and YouTube logos. Click on the Facebook logo to go to the Mountain Bike Arkansas Facebook page. If you have any questions on trails, lodging or just general questions about an area just post them and I am sure someone will have the answer. The YouTube logo will take you to the Mountain Bike Arkansas YouTube Channel where you can find lots of videos on trails around the state.

Wikiloc: Most of the trail pages have a Wikiloc map on it. You can move your cursor over the elevation profile on the lower right on the map and it will give you the elevation of the trail at that point. You can also download the Wikiloc app to your phone and then save the trail to your Wikiloc app to use when you are on the trail. Besure to download the trail to your phone so if you loose service the map will be local on your phone.

I hope this little bit of information helps you find what you are looking for and I hope this web site has served its purpose. Have an awesome adventure while you Explore Our Trails.