Ouachita Trail (Blowout Mountain)

Mount Ida, AR

Directions: From Mount Ida take Hwy 270 going north for about 15 miles. Park at the Big Brushy Recreation Area, the trail head is located across Forest Road 6 near the highway. To get to Forest Road 149 from Mount Ida take 270 going west for about 5 miles and turn right onto Hwy 298. Follow Hwy 298 for about 4 miles until you come to the 298 and 88 junction continue on straight for about 200 yards to the small town of Sims. In Sims just past the volunteer fire department take a right onto Cleo Circle Rd and follow this for about 2.5 miles take a left going north to Forest Road 149. On Forest Road 149 go for about 1 mile until you come to the junction of Forest Roads 149 and 592. We usually just park at the junction on the side of the road and the trail is only a few yards on down 149 on your left.

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Length: 11 miles one way

Type: Out & Back | Single Track

Overview: Your first big job will be to climb up over Chalybeate Mountain which is not to bad of a climb and starting out with fresh legs really helps. When it comes time to getting off of the mountain hold on to your bikes because this section of trail has one very steep and fun descent. Once at the bottom you will come to Forest Road 274 here you hop on the road and go left for a ways, enough time to recover before the big climb up Blowout Mountain or as some have referred to as Throw up Mountain. You will go for about a mile on this road, watch to the right for the trail shooting up the mountain. Right off the bat you will have a nice steep climb to get you ready, some make it some don't. There is normally a lot of loose rock here and the climb is a bit steep so if you loose traction that's pretty much it. Once on the top of this monster you will have some pretty nice ridding, there will still be some climbing to do but it seems so much easier after that initial push. Keep a close eye open because the trail can be kind of vague at times. There are some technical sections on this section that require some really good skills or you can just walk them. Coming down is a blast with one really long straight shot the only problem is that there is a huge boulder area waiting on you and it is near impossible to ride but after that it is pretty much smooth sailing on into the Big Brushy Recreation Area. Parts of this trail are pretty rugged with lots of rocks so leave those light weight tubes at home.

Recommended Route: We normally ride this from East to West starting at Forest Road 149 and making our way to the Big Brushy Rec. Area.

Rating: An advanced beginner with some good aerobic skills and on up should do just fine out here. The ride is not real long and there are a few bail outs.

Onsite Amenities: None


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